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C & H Hydraulics Inc.

C & H Hydraulics Inc.

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Bearing installation, staking, swaging, roller swaging, anvil staking, ball staking, "V" groove staking, line staking, proof loading, and break away torque testing.

  • Bushing installation, sizing, press fit, and shrink fit. Manufacture and machining.

  • Rosan fitting installation, lockring broaching, and pressure testing.

  • Helicoil & kato insert, keensert, slimsert, and threaded fastener installation.

  • Riveting, cherry max, pull max, cherry lock and blind rivets.

  • Lee plug and lee jet installation.

  • Cold working, and ring coining.

  • Mechanical assemblies, nutplates, huckbolts, eddie bolts, clinch nuts, lockbolts, hi-lok and hi-shear.

  • Lanyards, lockwire, safety wire assembly and lead crimping.

  • Electrical assembly, crimping, potting, harness assembly, wire and cable assembies.

  • Clickbond installation and testing.

  • Ground stud installation and electrical bond testing.

  • Hydraulic and pneumatic assembly and testing, Including repair and overhauls.