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C & H Hydraulics Inc.

C & H Hydraulics Inc.

C & H Hydraulics Inc.

1585 Monrovia Avenue

Newport Beach, CA 92663


Phone: 949-646-6230

Fax:      949-650-0457

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     Bearing and Bushing Installation and Staking, Riveting, Fasteners etc. - John Andreae    

     Mechanical Manufacture, Assembly and Testing - John Andreae

     Electronic Manufacture, Assembly and Testing - Cindy Bender

     Machining - Jim Andreae Jr. 


Owner - Jim Andreae Sr.

Operations Manager - John Andreae

Quality Control - Jim Andreae Jr.

Purchasing - Cindy Bender

Accounts Receivable - Kristin Andreae

Invoicing & Certifications and Accounts Payable - Heather Andreae